pcb express service

How to order PCB Express Service?

Table of Contents About Fast PCB Express Service XFDC-PCB supplies PCB express service. This service suits some customers who have urgent PCB projects on their agenda. Our PCB express Service time is up to 24 hours, according to your PCB requirements. The 24-hour PCB express service refers to the customer providing Gerber documents. Then we complete the PCB prototype within 24 hours. That does not include the

high frequency pcb design

All In One Article for High frequency PCB Design 2022

Table of Contents  What is high frenquency PCB?  A high frequency PCB is a particular circuit board with a high electromagnetic frequency. that utilized for high frequency applications (frequency greater than 300 MHz or wavelength). In general, a high-frequency board is a circuit board having a frequency greater than 1 GHz. The substrate material must have strong electrical performance as well as chemical stability.