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Once we cooperating for PCB service, the only thing that was needed to provide was a sample model, tell us the needed functionality, and production volume.

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DC PCB offers low-volume production for our customers. Our price, according to your purchase of low-volume PCBs, is the most satisfying one.

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XFDC PCB can provide RoHS EU standards, UL certification, and comply with ISO9001-2008, ISO14001: 2004, IATF16949, etc.

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Xinfeng Dacheng is a PCB manufacturer. specializing in the production of single-layer flex PCB,FR4 2 layer PCB,4 layer PCB, and 6 layer PCB.and founded in 1999, the company is the first batch of PCB fabrication manufacturers in China.

We supply a One-stop solution for PCB manufacturing. With the rapid development, we are expanding our production capacity. Now the existing equipment capacity can complete an annual production capacity of 1 million square meters.

We respect the privacy of all our customers. We promise we will never share your personal information with any third parties.

At XFDC-PCB, you can use  talk online service to get contact with us immediately .Of course you can still ask for a request by sending email to sales@xfdc-pcb.com and our service person will quote within 24 hours, do not forget to enclose your Gerber files and all other necessary files for PCB quotation.

If you find any defects with your PCBs upon receipt in you hand, or if you feel any dissatisfaction about our products or services, please immediately let us know via sales01@xfdc-pcb.com, we will respond within 24 hours. We will serve you till you are finally satisfied. We will either repair your PCB if quality issue occurs, or we will refund full amount to you without returning the defective PCBs.

If this occurs, please contact the courier company for an updated delivery time. Even though we are not legally responsible for the delay, we will track or call the courier company for updates. In the worst-case scenario, we will remake PCBs for you and re-ship them to you. We may seek compensation from the courier company for the additional courier charges.

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