Excellent Heat Resistance
High Tg PCB Tg170 FR4

High Tg PCB Tg170 FR4


PCB board value Tg ≥ 170 ℃ PCB circuit board, called high Tg circuit board. The higher the TG value of the board, the better the temperature resistance of the PCB. High Tg refers to the high heat resistance. With the leap forward in the development of the electronics industry. High Tg PCB Tg170 FR4  used in electronics. especially the computer as the representative of electronic products. to high functionality, and high multi-layer development. the need for higher heat resistance of PCB substrate materials as an important guarantee. Due to the rapid development of circuit technology. PCB in small aperture, fine line, thinning. more and more inseparable from the substrate’s high heat resistance support.

Details of High TG PCB TG170FR4

china hdi pcb
  • Board material: Sheng Yi S1170  
  • Number of layers:6 layers
  • Board thickness:1.6±0.16mm          
  • Size:196mm*182mm
  • Minimum hole diameter: 0.2mm           
  • Minimum line width line spacing: 4mil/4mil
  • Average thickness of hole copper: 25um        
  • Surface copper thickness: 56um
  • Surface treatment: Immersion gold            
  • Hole to conductor minimum spacing: 10mil       
  • Process characteristics: TG value > 170, special pressed structure

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The Advantages of High Tg PCB Tg170 FR4

  1. High glass transition temperature and good heat resistance and discoloration.
  2. Excellent heat resistance. the board can maintain good mechanical and electrical properties at high temperatures. and can adapt to higher operating temperature requirements.
  3. Maintain high bending strength under high temperature. And ordinary RF4 plate when heated. when the temperature exceeds 110 ℃, bending strength significantly reduced.
  4. Low coefficient of expansion in Z-axis and better through-hole reliability. 170 sheets compared with ordinary FR4
  5. Lower water absorption rate.
  6. Good anti-CAF performance.
  7. Processing process is similar to ordinary FR-4.
FR4 High Tg 180 PCB

Excellent Mechanical Strength


Higher Density

Long Lifespan

High-Temperature Resistance

Types of High Tg PCB Tg170 FR4

High TG170

flex-rigid High tg PCB

PCB High TG170


PCB High TG170

Honest of High Tg PCB Tg170 FR4

1.PCB high TG170 type SHENGYI FR-4. This grade is most commonly found in military, communication. computer, digital circuits, industrial instruments, automotive circuits. and other electronic products.

2.JIANTAO FR-4 This classification is primarily applied to general computers, instruments. advanced home appliances, and general electronic products. This laminate series is widely used. and all performance indicators are capable of general industrial electronic products. It has an excellent price-to-performance ratio. It can help customers improve their price competitiveness.

3.GUOJI FR-4 This grade of copper laminate is designed and manufactured specifically for FR-4 products in the home appliance industry, computer peripheral products, and general electronic products (such as toys, calculators, game consoles, etc.). That the price is very competitive while the performance is satisfactory.

Your Qualified High Tg PCB Manufacturer

XFDC-PCB has over 20 years of experience fabricating and assembling a wide range of PCBs, including rigid, flexible, rigid-flex PCBs,HDI PCB. Regardless of how simple or complex your requirement is, our cutting-edge equipment and expert team are well-equipped to handle it. When you collaborate with us, you gain access to a wealth of industry best practices that will give you an advantage. We are dedicated to providing quick turnaround times so that you can get to market as soon as possible. Our clients appreciate the fact that we provide prototype quantities as well as large production runs with the same unwavering focus on quality. You can also rely on us for turnkey services and be confident that you will receive high-quality results.

Applications of High Tg PCB Tg170 FR4

electronic industrial

BGA and CSP Boards

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about high tg pcb for industrial electronic applications is computers. However, this category also includes processing plant machinery, sensors, and intelligent electronic devices .

Power supply

High Multilayer Boards

High current applications can benefit power sector devices.

generating electricity produces a substantial amount of heat.

Consequently, proper heat resistance control is necessary.

automobile tg pcb

Automotive Electronics

When it comes to automotive pcb, they are the ones to employ; examples include audio-video systems, cooling control systems, vehicle display systems, and safety devices.

Communication Equipment

For input voltage to output voltage converters, PCBS that can withstand heat is necessary.PCBs with a high Tg content can be found in a range of inverters, including those used by consumers and by manufacturers.

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