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How to order PCB Express Service?

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About Fast PCB Express Service

XFDC-PCB supplies PCB express service. This service suits some customers who have urgent PCB projects on their agenda. Our PCB express Service time is up to 24 hours, according to your PCB requirements.

The 24-hour PCB express service refers to the customer providing Gerber documents. Then we complete the PCB prototype within 24 hours. That does not include the time of express delivery to the customer. 

Compared with the standard 2-week PCB prototype service. The express PCB’s rapid turnover time is faster enough. 

PCB Express Service Processing

1.Documents provided by the customer:

Customers send Gerber files by email to us. Or choose to call us during working hours. You can also choose to click “chat now”. To communicate with our professional technical support.

pcb express service

2.After receiving the documents, let us do the rest! XFDC-PCB has professional technicians and production lines. We will complete the production of circuit boards within 24 hours as soon as possible.

3.We will choose a reliable and fast express delivery so that customers can receive their PCB.

PCB Express service Manufacturer

with more than 20 years of PCB production experience. XFDC-PCB provides professional technical support. For our customers to complete the express PCB faster,

PCB Express Service Capabilites

Order Squares, Layers & Quick-Turn Time

S<0.5sqm   1-2 Layers  24 Hours (1 day)

0.5sqm<=S<1.0sqm    1-2 Layers   24 Hours (1 day)

S>1.0sqm   96 Hours (4 days)

S<0.5sqm   4-8 Layers  Start 48 Hours (2 days)

Advantages of Printed Circuit Board Express :

Inspection PCB express

  • Lead times are as short as 24 hours.
  • No minimum order quantity rule
  • We provide complete and prototype circuit boards.
  • State of the 25,000 square foot production facility.
  • Each order will be subject to professional manual review before production.
  • We provide high-quality PCB one-stop services for small and large projects.

Materials for Express Printed Circuit Board Services

  • FR4 (Tg–135C/145C/170C)
  • Rogers ro4350/4003
  • polyimide
  • Teflon
  • -Clad hot base plate
  • Customer special customization

Surface Treatment for PCB Express

  • HASL – lead solder/nickel

  • HASL-lead-free solder

  • Electroless, soft gold plating

  • Wire bondable soft gold

  • Nickel flash gold

  • Electroless nickel plating.

  • Immersion Gold OSP

  • Electrolytic nickel / hard gold and selective gold

  • Chemical silver

  • Immersion tin

  • Carbon ink 

  • ENIG

  • If you need finishes not listed here, please contact us.

About Software of Express PCB

Consider that express PCB represents the express service of PCB. and express PCB is also a CAD software used to create PCB layout.

express pcb

CAD design often uses:

Expresssch: it is used to create schematic diagrams. The same design software includes in both classic and download. There is nothing extra to download. The best thing is that you don’t need to learn anything.

Expresspcb: used to design printed circuit boards and link them to schematic diagrams.

This software is used to assemble components of the basic design and can change the design quickly. First, change the schematic drawing, and then change the PCB design layout. Multi rich software is flexible and can effectively meet the requirements of the expected project.

How to download Express PCB?

Download process: log in to expresspcb.com for easy access. There is the latest version on the website, which can be used according to your needs.



Engineers and designers can speed up the launch of new products by using ExpressPCB. In a 3D environment, they can also select and test electronic components. The program lowers the production costs compared to what you would have spent on prototype design. According to some, this method produces the finished product at the best price. The errors can also decreased in this way.

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