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Prototype of a Double-Sided PCB The double-sided board is a printed circuit board (PCB) with copper etched on both sides, including the top and bottom layers. Both sides of the board can be wired and soldered. There is an insulating layer in the middle, and it is a printed circuit board. There are numerous mass productions

PCB Prototype Series

tg pcb

1 Layer PCB Prototype

Single-sided printed circuit boards have conductive copper and components mounted on only one side of the board. On the other side, there is conductive wiring that is securely connected. This is one of the simplest boards to put together.



6 layer Multilayer PCB

4 Layer PCB Prototype

4 Layer PCB Prototype is made of four layers of glass fiber. The wiring is divided into four layers: top, bottom, VCC, and GND. To connect the layers, through holes, buried holes, and blind holes are commonly used. More buried and blind holes exist than double-sided boards.


8 layer Multilayer PCB

6 Layer PCB Prototype

The prototype of multi PCB is normally 1-42 pieces, and the standard lead time for production is one week; you will receive free prototypes if there is mass production for each project; additionally, producing prototype PCB at first is a good experience.


PCB Prototype By Type

flex pcb express

Flexible PCB Prototype

Prototype of a Flexible PCB We can create a variety of Flex PCB Prototypes. For example, we can meet your request for a flat flexible cable. We design Impedance FPCBs as well as HDI Flexible PCB prototypes.


flexable Multilayer PCB

Rigid Flex PCB Prototype

PCB Rigid-Flex Prototype When it comes to selecting the connector material for the Stiff-Flex PCB Prototype. The rigid board’s durability is considered. This type of product is frequently used in devices with immovable mechanical elements.



Ragid PCB Prototyping

Prototype of a Rigid PCB To eliminate excess capacitance, the Rigid PCB Prototype has been properly calibrated. This is especially true when prototyping large or thick PCBs. The conductors on the PCB are spaced evenly.


pcb prototype board By Material


RF4 Multilayer PCB

FR4 PCB Prototype is a desired first step before mass production. They can then be subjected to burn-in and other tests to see if they fail. Reliable and consistent boards are produced.




CEM-3 Multilayer PCB

PCB Prototype CEM-3 If you want to save money. The CEM-3 PCB Prototype is a well-liked option. Because of its excellent composition and flame-retardant epoxy copper-clad plate glass material. CEM PCB is becoming more popular.



PTFE PCB Prototype

The PTFE PCB Prototype will ensure that your product has low electrical loss. PTFE PCBs are ideal for Millimeter-Wave applications as well as 5G. We have the ability to use advanced laminate materials.



Rapid PCB Prototyping Capalilities

We can meet any stringent specifications you may have with our PCB prototyping capability. The specifications are listed below. 

SMT, PTH, double-sided SMT, and a combination of double and single-side SMT are all options.

Copper thickness ranges from 0.5oz to 1oz.

Board dimensions range from 50mm x 50mm to 450mm x 406mm.

The thickness of the board: is 0.5mm to 4.5mm Minimum line width is 0.1mm (4mil).

BGA minimum width or space: 0.2mm or 0.35mm

pcb prototype

PCB Manufacturing Process Capabilities

XFDC PCB Prototype Manufacturing

Please provide with your PCB Prototype design, we can quickly build a custom-made PCB. We complete it as soon as possible, with no hassles or delays.

We are a multinational corporation that follows ISO 9000 and ISO 1400 standards.

Cooperating with XFDC-PCB can help you maximize your earnings because we are China’s leading PCB Prototype producer. We have a solid track record, use high-quality PCB materials, and never use imitations.

Some of our sophisticated PCB manufacturing capabilities include press-fit, copper coin, and heat sink BGA assembly.Please contact us!

OEM Multilayer PCB Application

medical application

Prototyping PCB for Medical Applications

Prototyping PCB for Medical  Applications are usually high-tech boards, such as HDI circuit boards, flexible circuit boards, and rigid-flex PCBs. What’s more, they have via’s plugging with resin epoxy and plating over.

5g application

Prototype PCB Fabrication for 5G Applications

  • XFDC-PCB has served many customers who produce Smartphones, tablets, radios, and other communications products, we have supplied OEM Multilayer PCB manufacturing services for more than 20 years.
new energy

PCB Prototype for Automotive Applications

Depending on Automotive Applications more and more popular for the environment, we need to be able to withstand extreme temperatures or vibrations. It’s also critical that they work reliably if they’re part of a car’s safety features. Manufacturers may use high-temperature laminates, aluminum or copper substrates, or thru-hole-mounted components as a result of these challenges. They also use flex-rigid PCBs because of their vibration resistance.

led application

Fast PCB Prototype for Commercial Use Products

Fast PCB Prototype plays in Consumer electronics applications to transfer heat away from the bulb. LEDs have a shorter average life when exposed to high temperatures. As a result, LED PCBs are typically made of aluminum, which can transfer heat better than other metals. This eliminates the need for a second heat sink in a design, allowing it to be more compact.

Why Choose XFDC Prototype PCB

Fabrication of PCB Prototypes We have a solution for your PCB prototyping issues. We can provide you with a price that is within your budget. We create printed circuit boards that meet your exacting requirements. Because our PCBs are of high quality, they are used in a wide range of products from well-known manufacturers. We work with key supply chain participants. What else? We also produce excellent OEM PCBs. PCB Prototype Evaluation You’ll want to do business with XFDC-PCB after seeing how professional we are at PCB testing. For your PCB prototype items, we provide a highly qualified team and well-maintained PCB production facilities.

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